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An American can’t go to Norway without switching their citizenship?

Question by TimeSpaceWitch: An American can’t go to Norway without switching their citizenship?
Someone told me that in order to go to Norway, you have to become a Norwegian citizen. I am almost POSITIVE this is not true, but I just want to be sure. Anyone been to Norway without switching citizenship?

Best answer:

Answer by Cathy C
No, this is made up – you may need a visa though.

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Placemat/brikke X
working in norway

Image by Norsk Trikotasjemuseum
A selection of embroidery patterns from our collection of Gunnar Pedersen patterns. Some of the transfer patterns in this collection originally came from the former embroidery company Azora Gjertsen. These are for small square tablecloths or placemats (original size 50-65 cm), . The images in this set are photographs of transfers in blue ink onto white fabric, which causes certain irregularities in the lines where the ink has not transferred onto the fabric properly.

Feel free to use these for non-commercial purposes, or even drop us a line (and a picture) if you do. We’d be very interested in seeing your work, if you do decide to make use of these patterns!

Question by Kaliko: Is it true that (in Norway) if you paint your door blue it will ward off evil spirits?

Best answer:

Answer by Sister of The Rez
Well, you can paint your door blue and if no evil spirits come and get you, you can assume that it was a result of the blue door, but then again I’m drinking a can of soda right now and i’m completely healthy… maybe soda cures cancer.

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