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Americans Teaching English in Europe?

Question by jimmerjammer: Americans Teaching English in Europe?
Any Americans have experience teaching English in Europe? Is it as easy as having a college degree and a certification to get a job paying enough to live there? I want to live in Germany, Norway, Spain, Italy, or Portugal. I don’t speak the language of these countries, but I am able to adapt and learn quickly if need be.

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Answer by conley39
It would not be easy for you to get a job here in Italy. European regulations require that employers advertise jobs and demonstrate that there are no viable candidates from the EEA before they can get a work permit for someone from another part of the world. While there are many language schools here, the English teachers tend to be young people from the UK or Ireland who work on low paying, short term contracts for the experience of being here – often on a gap year. There are always more candidates than job openings. The school in the town where I live has one or two English teachers every year, but has not had a non-European in the position in the 11 years I’ve lived here. With appropriate certifications, you could try the Universities or public school system, but it’s very unlikely that there are available openings.

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Question by : Hairdresser jobs in Italy?
I’m an aspiring hair stylist. I’m 22 yrs old and I’m from California. I am moving to Italy in about 3 months. Does anyone know of good salon jobs that I should apply for? (I don’t have a business visa). Even though, I’m going to work in the hair industry I was wondering who else would hire an illegal American girl…

Any advice would be helpful. I’d really appreciate it

Thanks :)

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Answer by zafir
No one is going to hire an illegal alien, the penalties are far too high for employers and there are plenty of EU citizens who are fully qualfied. Try it, and you’ll find yourself back in California faster than you expected. In addition, you cannot apply for jobs while you are there, that also is illegal.

If you want to apply for jobs, you need to do this from the US. But, in order to get you a Work Visa, the employer must prove that there are no Italian or EU citizens available to fill that position. With the high unemployment in Europe, that Work Visa is not going to happen.

So, while you can stay in Italy for up to 90 days as a tourist, you cannot work and you must leave the Schengen Zone at the end of this time. You cannot move to Italy.

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