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Im thinking of moving to norway?

Question by basil055: Im thinking of moving to norway?
How would I do it? Im from uk and im 18 but by the time I move I’ll be 18, this is my plan. I leave college in June (I’ll be 18 then), go on Job seekers allowance for a couple of months if I dont get a job by then (highly unlikely) save up maybe £100-150 buy a flight ticket (which is £39 at the moment) move with my best friend (who’s a Norwegian) and let him help me find a job. However I don’t know if it’s as simple as that haha. Do I need a work permit or any visa to live there and register for a permanent residency? Oh by the way I’m thinking of moving in September.

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Answer by Phillipe
Just go anytime no visa is required if you are a UK national.

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move to norway

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