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Why does Switzerland have a very high standard of living?

Question by <3: Why does Switzerland have a very high standard of living?
I know Switzerland is known for cheese, chocolate, bank accounts, and expensive accessories. Why does it have a very high standard of living?

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Answer by KnottedBrain

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Question by adv.: What do you think about doing erasmus in NTNU or DTU?
I am tinking of doing erasmus in one of those universities?

here are some questions bugging my mind:

What about the living costs of an ordinary student in Denmark and Norway?
Which one of those unis do you suggest?
Could Trondheim be extremely cold for me, keeping in mind that i ll be coming from Mediterranean climate? Does it make a lot difference in climate between those two cities?

thanks in advance

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Answer by Vibeke J
Norway is more expensive than Denmark (salaries in Norway are approx 1/3 higher than in Denmark, and their prices are approx 1/4 higher – in general).

Trondheim (or Norway in general)i a bit colder than Denmark, but not much – unless you are in the northern parts of Norway.

Don’t know about the difference in the Unis.

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